Radio Exiles E and F

Radio Exiles E and F

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

notes about the August 24th podcast

We use Skype to connect to eachother, and had lots of disconnections...probably due to rain and thunderstorms that were in our metropolitan area.

There were problems during the recording of the podcast...our Skype connection was lost many times, as was the end of the recording of our session.


The only song by Jerry Reed I could find information about regarding smoking is "Another Puff", which I had never heard until after Robert mentioned it.


I can't find a link for Blake's program: Robert, if you can, post something... - S!ick

[from Robert]
Blake Williams Radio/TV/Movies
Actor/Voice Work/Technical

Blake also does a great show on
"Sounds of Enchantment", Sat and Sun, 6 pm MST


Bob Foster

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