Radio Exiles E and F

Radio Exiles E and F

Thursday, July 15, 2010

notes about the June 29th podcast

At 52 minutes into the podcast, I describe my bad experience with the television show "The Locator" that's on WEtv (Women's Entertainment).

Based on my experience, I strongly suggest no one participate with this program:  after the show was interested in reuniting me with my father, I was told by the private investigative agency that was being used (the "Investigation Consultant") that I needed to pay a fee of hundreds of dollars for them to proceed with the process.  When I initially agreed to participate in "The Locator", there was no mention of any fees at all...


Episode: The Suicide Tourist

Five months after being diagnosed with ALS, Craig Ewert arrived in Switzerland for his scheduled suicide. A story about struggling to live ... and deciding when to die.

"...The Suicide Tourist is a portrait of Ewert's final days as the Chicago native pursues a physician-assisted suicide in the one place where it's legal for foreigners to come to end their lives: Switzerland. With unique access to Dignitas, the Swiss nonprofit that has helped more than 1,000 people die since 1998, The Suicide Tourist follows Ewert as he debates the morality -- and confronts the reality -- of choosing to die before his disease further ravages his body, and he loses the option to die without unbearable suffering."

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